Samuel Goldwyn (July 188231 January 1974) was a well-known Hollywood motion picture producer and founding contributor of several motion picture studios. Born in Warsaw, Poland, at an early age he left his native Warsaw penniless and on foot. In 1898, he emigrated to the United States where he found work in upstate Gloversville, New York in the bustling garment business. Soon his innate marketing skills made him a very successful salesman. Before long, he went into the motion picture business with Vaudeville performer Jesse L. Lasky, his brother-in-law at the time, and Adolph Zukor, a theater owner. Together, the three produced their first film, using an ambitious young director named Cecil B. DeMille.
Samuel Goldwyn's inferior English language skills led to many speech errors called Goldwynisms ("A humorous statement or phrase resulting from the use of incongruous or contradictory words, situations, idioms, etc.") being frequently quoted, such as: